Where ambition meets inner peace.

Sharing my practice, discovering and learning through my experience and introducing Yoga in your daily routine  as a tool to apply to your life through knowledge, patience and perseverance.

Emphasizing breathing, body awareness and alignment to all who want  to start creating a Yoga journey appropriately .

A way to find pleasure and wisdom from within, according to your needs, abilities and time.Attending the correct body posture and alignment in search of the conscious development of our physical, mental body, which will cause an immediate change in your perception and understanding of everything around you, in a pleasant way and with a low expenditure of energy.


Feeling good is the primary intention.

Why Yoga?

  • Does more than burn calories and tone muscles.
  • Total mind-body workout.
  • Helps to live in the present, relief stress and sleep.
  • Helps to understand and remember to breathe.

Why Private Yoga?

  • Unlimited postural correction and asana adjustment throughout the entire class
  • Addressing individual and specific yoga needs
  • Quicker improvement and progress than a regular class
  • Flexible timing to suit your personal schedule